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About Our Mission

Flee The Jungle is designed to assist people in finding alternatives to their Amazon Prime memberships and reducing their spending with the company in order to convince it to more positively engage with the Seattle community, authors and publishers and its warehouse worker community. You can read more about Amazon’s impacts on Seattle in GeekWire’s Amageddon: Seattle’s Increasingly Obvious Future, How Our Success is Ruining Seattle and here.

Please take the pledge to cut your spending at Amazon:

Our Team

Jeff Reifman

Jeff Reifman

Researching Amazon’s AP Comments

Jeff Reifman is currently a technology consultant and writer with a wide variety of nonprofit and corporate leadership experience. He helped lead the technology launch of MSNBC.com as part of an eight year career at Microsoft. Jeff’s known in Seattle for taking on Microsoft’s hypocritical tax dodging and Amazon’s overwhelming impacts. In 2009, he led the capture of missing writer Evan Ratliff in Wired magazine’s Vanish contest. He’s also a regular contributor to Tuts+ Code and an avid snowboarder of the holocene age, a photographer and traveler.

Kali Snowden

Kali is an artist based in Washington. She created the cover art for our launch article.

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