Amazon Ships to Burning Man

Burning Man is described “as an experiment in community and art, influenced by 10 main principles,” two of which include “radical self-reliance” and “decommodification.” Veteran Burners might be surprised to learn that Amazon now delivers to the Playa.

Below is a photo of a package received by a camper at 3:30 and Arcade, Scoundrel Lounge Illumination Village:
Flee the Jungle

Flee the Jungle co-founder and four time Burner Kali Snowden said: “I’m sure people buy all sort of sh*t at Amazon for the festival, like blinky lights and such. But Burning Man’s supposed to be about self-reliance and DIY, not about buying a bunch of stuff online.”

Hear that Burners? if you need stuff for the festival — kill your Prime account and find alternative shops through us…BEFORE you go! After last month’s New York Times’ expose, it’s no longer ethical to shop at Amazon anyway.

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