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National Chain Tire Stores


  • Baxter AutopartsTheir first store in Portland was opened in 1944. The building had previously been occupied by a market, thus there were folding doors in the front. One-half of this building was a machine shop which helped keep vehicles on the road for the war effort. The year 1949 brought a second Baxter store in the growing St. Johns area of N. Portland. In 1963 a third Baxter Auto Parts store was opened in Parkrose. The Parkrose area is located Northeast of Portland and proved to be a rapid growing area. In 1968 the Parkrose store was replaced with a new larger building. In 1985, store number four was opened in the Oak Grove area of S.E. Portland. The four locations in different parts of the city made Baxter a prevalent name in the auto parts business.
  • Knechts: 27 stores in Oregon. Find a location and check store hours.
  • Portland Import Auto Parts
  • Mike's Auto Parts
  • LKQ Foster Auto Parts: : Used Auto Parts, Rebuildable Vehicles, and Motorcycles
  • Orient Auto Parts & Recycling: Located in Gresham, Oregon & Serving Surrounding Portland Metro Communities

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