Incase Portable Integrated Power 5400
Incase Portable Integrated Power 5400

The new Incase Portable Integrated Power 5400 Charger with Lightning Adapter – Use Coupon Code FleeJungle20

Discount on the new
Incase Portable Charger

You can’t buy this yet on Amazon, but Flee the Jungle has a $20 discount on a very useful new iPhone and iPad accessory. Incase recently released a fast new charger with an integrated lightning cable. There’s no longer a need to carry an extra cable. More importantly, you can charge your iPhone twice with one charge on this portable battery.


  • Fully charges iPhone 2x
  • Integrated lightning cable
  • Fast charging 2.1amp output
  • Embedded USB-A cable
  • Universal connect USB port out for simultaneous device charge
  • 5,400mAH internal battery
  • Compatible with the iPhone 5 and 6, the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad 4th generation

This is the first exclusive deal offered on Flee the Jungle. Please contact us if you are interested in featuring your products with us.

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Click here to buy the Incase Portable Integrated Power 5400. Use the coupon code: FleeJungle20 for $20 in savings. Free shipping. Offer expires September 30, 2015.

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