Amazon Ships to Burning Man

Amazon Now Shipping to Burning Man

Burning Man is described “as an experiment in community and art, influenced by 10 main principles,” two of which include “radical self-reliance” and “decommodification.” Veteran Burners might be surprised to learn that Amazon now delivers to the Playa. Below is a photo of a package received by a camper at 3:30 and Arcade, Scoundrel Lounge Illumination Village: Flee the […]

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Amazon’s Harmful Impacts on Seattle and Beyond

Thanks for visiting Flee the Jungle! If you’re wondering why we would build a site like this to impact a great company like Amazon, the answer is that Amazon’s run by a wealthy libertarian who’s shown only modest concern for his home community as his company’s growth has dramatically impacted the city — good in some […]

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Why Stop Shopping at

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to How Our Success is Ruining Seattle and Amageddon at GeekWire, we’ve launched Flee the Jungle to assist people in ending their Amazon Prime memberships and reducing their spending with the company. You may even want to stop shopping at Amazon completely. Recently, Amazon announced $92 million in profit and $23.18 billion in revenue for […]

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