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Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to How Our Success is Ruining Seattle and Amageddon at GeekWire, we’ve launched Flee the Jungle to assist people in ending their Amazon Prime memberships and reducing their spending with the company. You may even want to stop shopping at Amazon completely.

Recently, Amazon announced $92 million in profit and $23.18 billion in revenue for the quarter causing its stock to momentarily surge 100 points. The company overtook Walmart in market value and Jeff Bezos became the fifth-richest man. Amazon also confirmed it now has 183,100 worldwide employees and 24,000 in Seattle — approximately five times more than it had there in 2010 (and may reach 71,500 by 2019.)

Yet, the company remains silent about its success’ negative impacts on Seattle and beyond. In fact, Amazon recently misled the Associated Press (and 300 global newspapers that syndicate their content) that the company’s given “tens of millions” to affordable housing, funded an entire streetcar and donated to a hundred charities. Little of this is accurate.

historical spending amazon_smThe truth is that Amazon’s quickly turning Seattle into a traffic-congested mess for a wealthy mostly white male class of what many call “Brogrammers.” If the rest of us wish to restore mobility, housing affordability and cultural diversity here and get them to treat its global workforce more equitably, it’s time to slow Amazon down and force them to engage in these issues progressively.

You may wish to read our launch article: It’s Time to Cut Our Spending at Amazon. For example, I’ve drastically reduced my spending at Amazon the past two years to near nothing in 2015 (get a historical report of your spending at Amazon).

Flee the Jungle is designed to help you do the same. It provides a quick and easy guide to finding popular alternatives around the web for whatever you might need.

To move forward, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Share Flee the Jungle with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other social media services. You can paste the URL or click any of the social media buttons above.
  2. To make shopping at multiple sites easier, install a password manager.
  3. End your Prime membership and replace it with another service
  4. Browse our e-commerce categories any time you’re curious or need to buy something
  5. Consider contributing suggested sites, local stores and/or funds to help us continue to enhance and expand our listings. To contribute funds for now, use PayPal to send them to support@fleethejungle.com (these are not tax-deductible).

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  1. Liquid_Grit

    Just read an article on the NY Times site that turned my stomach. It detailed the work culture that Amazon has cultivated and the impact it has had on the employees. It sounds like a truly sick and dysfunctional environment. Several of their practices ought to be illegal and others are merely nasty and manipulative. I do not need to buy toys for my child that are ten dollars cheaper when their procurement, logistics and delivery were facilitated by the abuse of pregnant workers in 115° warehouses, or women who have just had a stillbirth and were disciplined for their lack of focus on Amazon, or the father who is discouraged from spending any time with his children in favor of living for Amazon. There are so many more abuses in the multiple articles spanning years that I’ve encountered that I don’t have time or stomach to enumerate. Jeff Bezos is a disgusting, unworthy waste of air even with all his money and shit jobs created and he should go find a fire and promptly die in it. I hope he gets incurable itching of the genitals. I will never give my money to Amazon again unless I’m sure they are losing money on the deal. They need to go belly up fast.

    1. TeufelWolf

      YOu should see how amazon abuses us USA based third party sellers, they screw us, they screw you, you don’t shop at Amazon any more, and we get screwed again.